Concrete mixer

A concrete mixer is a machine for making a homogeneous combination of cement, aggregate (sand or gravel), admixtures, and water. The machine setup is composed of mixing drums, feeding devices, unloading mechanisms, water supply systems, prime mover, and transmission mechanisms. The machine basically promotes the collision between particles and the development of dispersion. Usually, this machine has three basic units: Feeding unit, Mixing unit, Discharge Unit.

Types of Concrete Mixers

As technology has changed, the basic mixer design has also evolved. Concrete mixers can be divided into general mixers and forced mixers. Nowadays, twin shaft mixers, vertical axis mixers, and drum mixers are the most commonly used mixing machines.

The followings are the types of concrete mixing machines.

Based on Working Principles

Batch Mixer

Continuous Mixer

Based on Mixing Methods

Self Loading Mixer

Compulsory Mixer

Based on the shape of concrete mixers

Pear-Shaped Mixer

Drum Shaped Mixer

Cone Shaped Mixer

Vertical Shaft Pan Mixer

Horizontal Shaft Mixer

Based on the Discharging Method

Rotary or Non-tilting Type

Tilting Type

Commonly Used

Forced Mixer

Self Propelled Mixer