Rolling pressure equipment

he Bepex Roll Compactor is a high-pressure agglomerator, able to press fine and often highly aerated solids into larger, cohesive masses with controlled densities. Agglomeration is performed by compressing fine material between two opposed, counter-rotating rolls held under pressure. By utilizing high pressure to agglomerate, you often eliminate the need for a liquid binder and the ensuing drying or curing step required in wet agglomeration. This slots pressure roll compaction as an economical option for particle enlargement, de-dusting, and densification.

The resulting product, whether in briquetting or granulation, is a high-density, dust-free, slow dispersing solid mass. It is often implemented as a dust-control method, whether working to convert hazardous dust into a non-hazardous agglomerate, or densifying fines to provide easier and more economical material transfer or transportation.