Solar panel

With the support of a good policy environment, the significance of solar and wind power generation is becoming more and more important. For bearing manufacturers, this is a great opportunity to open up the market.

Improving energy utilization on a global scale is a very urgent issue, because without energy civilization, the world would be impossible, and at the same time, large-scale power outages have also brought us a lot of trouble.

Therefore, in the next few years solar and wind energy will have more significance. And this will also become a huge market for rolling bearing manufacturers.

The current trend in the solar market is to use automatic tracking photovoltaic power generation equipment. The individual solar panels of this photovoltaic device can keep pace with the movement of the sun. The adjustment motor in the solar power generation equipment is controlled by GSM module or optical sensor, which ensures accurate adjustment. Rolling bearings in the adjustment motor drive ensure minimal resistance during the adjustment movement. Since each solar panel has to be adjusted, there are many rolling bearings in a photovoltaic installation. The expanding production of solar and wind power generation equipment also provides a broad sales market for bearing manufacturers and the best solutions they offer.