Mining machinery and equipment is a kind of large-scale machinery and equipment specially used in coal mine excavation, transmission and transportation, including mining machines, conveyors, tunnel excavation equipment, underground auxiliary transportation, vehicle equipment, mine winches, ventilation and dust removal equipment, and coal washing. equipment, cranes, special vehicles, etc.

The mechanical equipment has the following characteristics:

1. The working environment is harsh, and the equipment is always surrounded by dust, water vapor and harmful gases;a

2. The working conditions are harsh, and most mechanical equipment works under the working conditions of high speed, heavy load, vibration, impact, friction and medium corrosion;

3. The running time is long, and most of the mechanical equipment works continuously for many years, day and night;

4. Poor lubrication conditions. Due to the harsh environment, harsh working conditions, and short downtime, the mechanical parts cannot be well lubricated and maintained.

Therefore, the annual economic loss is staggering. Only by selecting the correct bearings, performing regular maintenance, timely maintenance, improving the maintenance quality, and ensuring that all production equipment is running in good condition, can the wear and tear of coal mine machinery be reduced and its use extended. Longevity, effective measures to achieve high coal yield, high efficiency and safe production, mining operators can ensure high productivity and make equipment reach the expected service life.